Certified Electrician-The Quality Connection

Jeff Ban, president of DVG, Inc., a site design and engineering firm, says that his firm has worked with Certified Electrician on a number of different large-scale projects and has had consistently superb experiences. Ban says, “We did site design for Certified Electrician’s new facility and it was a tremendous experience working with their electricians, contractors, and staff. We had to understand the business aspect the service electricians bring to Northwest Indiana. They truly try to find the best business practices for the industry and they look to find win-win situations that involve all parties in the construction process—the contractors, the owners, and the electricians, and they try to find ways to apply their procedures to meet all objectives for all involved. We used only Certified Electrician contractors and installers for all three phases of this massive project. I can say without a doubt their dedication, exceptional service and quality of work surpassed our expectations. There are many different aspects to this project too — a lot of parking lot lighting, field lighting and connections to existing systems. The business approach that the contractors and electricians in the field take has proven to us that they're truly problem solvers. They are really leaders in innovation and their LEED gold training facility at 7200 Mississippi Street in Merrillville reflects that. The solar power systems they have built in, the wind turbine they have recently installed and the storm water measures installed demonstrate that they really are leading the way in site development."