Do you really know how safe the wiring is behind the walls in your home?  Now you can when you use one of our Certified Electrical Contractors and join the +5 Protection Plan!

About the +5 Protection Plan:


  • There is NO-COST to the homeowner to join the protection plan, it's just another way to provide peace of mind to our residential customers.


  • Demonstrates that only the best workmanship and materials were used during your electrical installation.


  • The plan is called “+5” because it extends beyond the typical one-year residential warranty for an additional five years. Giving the homeowner 6 years total protection on their electrical and wiring system.


  • Certified Electrician along with the +5 guaranteed protection takes the hassle and uncertainties out of finding the right electrical contractor.


  • It is highly unlikely that a problem should arise from the electrical installation from our pre-screened professionals. However, if a problem should occur, we will have an authorized local electrical contractor in our network fix the problem at NO expense to you!

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